Ex Profundis is a collection of miniatures, art and fiction that explores the darker and stranger sides of the various Warhammer universes and games, particularly Warhammer 40k; Warhammer Fantasy and Age of Sigmar; Mordheim; Inquisimunda and Inq28. It is a celebration of grotesque creatures that live in dark places, of cosmic horror and twisted gods, and of those poor doomed souls that struggle in vain against insurmountable odds.

As well as taking inspiration from artists such as John Blanche, a lot of our projects have a horror theme or are inspired by the ideas in weird fiction such as that written by Lovecraft. Warhammer is sometimes viewed from a certain perspective – the perspective of heroes like Space Marines and Stormcast Eternals. But Warhammer has always had a darker, stranger underbelly where the taint of Chaos has permeated and for every hero there are a thousand shadowy figures; heretics, daemons, mutants and aliens, and they have stories too. Ex Profundis is an attempt to redress the balance, and to cast some light on those shadowy figures.

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We welcome submissions or contributions so long as they follow the rules of the site and fit the general theme of Ex Profundis. If you have an idea for a character or project that you think would fit and would like to have it showcased, please get in contact.


1). All miniatures should be individual, personally crafted and unique. They should be an original creation. They don’t have to be conversions but they do need to be something out of the ordinary.

2). All miniatures should be characters that either fit plausibly into one of the settings: The Profundis System; Throne of Bones, etc or they should have their own compelling background setting. Ideally they should have a short story, background text or artwork that shows how they fit in the setting.

3). All miniatures should fit the horror/weird aesthetic of Ex Profundis, or have an oddity or an edge that helps them stand apart from miniatures found elsewhere. Any humor is dark and sardonic. All hope is lost. There are no heroes.

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