AoS28 – Expanded Hinterlands Rules

Hinterlands is a simple set of skirmish rules that uses Age of Sigmar as a base, and adds elements from Necromunda or Mordheim. The rules are actively developed and as AoS28 evolves we’ll see community feedback and playtesting influence the new editions.

Although there are lots of other rule sets you could use for AoS28, Hinterlands is a great way to use your models in narrative games without learning any new rules or investing in a new system.

In addition, Bottle has kindly expanded the Hinterlands rules to allow for greater flexibility for AoS players. Afterall, AoS28 is about freedom to make cool models without restrictions. So click the button below to download the AoS28 expansion.

Download the AoS28 Hinterlands expansion

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