Arbite Itkovius

The Adeptus Arbite Wojek Itkovius was ‘suggested’ to Inquisitor Tsengir as a permanent member of his retinue by Lord Valthor. Itkovius is Valthor’s man and resolute in his duty – to him there is only the certainty of right and wrong and if he can’t categorise something easily he struggles to make sense of it. Although not a stupid man he knows he is not astute enough to understand the situation he has found himself in, nor does he truly know if Tsengir is a friend, an enemy, a madman or a genius. He takes his work and his assignment seriously, and makes no secret of reporting to Lord Valthor but his reports lack much critical substance. He praises Tsengir even as he worries that he is being mocked or used. For his part, Tsengir has warmed to Itkovius as he likes the man’s simple nature, appreciates his difficult position, and he knows he is dependable in combat.

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