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Exalted Champion of the Mantigryph Dormant

I’ve finally finished my Eclipse contest entry, which also will serve as the leader of my AoS28 war band. We’ve already seen tons of amazing Eclipse models and the contest is officially over, but if you haven’t quite […]

Navigators of House Akuhm

I built this warband to use in the Curse of the Alabaster game organized by Shibboleth in Los Angeles last fall. The warband started off as just a new group of Merz-Itano navigators, but I soon realized I the models […]

Ashgali Trooper

The Imperial Guard is as vast and varied as the Imperium itself. I love the idea of every Imperial World being tasked with raising a regiment, resulting in a wide variety of troops throughout the Galaxy. Although a number of different regiments have been explored by both Games Workshop and Forgeworld, I’ve personally never been that excited by any of them. They tend to be direct direct historical analogs, whereas I like the idea of soldiers that look more like the Imperium they represented; anachronistic, strange, brutal, and doomed.

Navigators of Merz-Itano

The Beacon is the God Emperor! The God Emperor is the Beacon! And we must lay ourselves low before his terrible and benevolent light! For with the Beacon we are never alone! Not in the Void, nor in the Warp!