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Lord of the Black Sloth Hell

In the Black Sloth Hell, the aelves mourn the memory of their grace, beauty and celerity. A nightmare place, half-remembered from childhood stories the Black Sloth Hell has become their home – there is no escaping it, no […]

The Dreaming Root

A battle report between the Nicolas Grillet’s Sylvaneth and Chaos Mutants

Monster Competition Results

The results of the second AoS28 competition are in – with so many great entries it was hard to narrow it down.

Monster Competition

The second Dark Age of Sigmar competition is about creating a monster – a new terror of the mortal realms.

The Eclipse – Competition Gallery

The Eclipse competition has come to a close and the gallery of entrants is now online. If your entry is missing please reply to this post with a link and I will add it, it’s just an oversight […]