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Dark Mechanicus Mutant Abominations

Deep in the underhive, the thralls of the Dark Mechanicus serve their masters in their search for arcane technology and new subjects for their experiments.

Archmagos Rexx Berion-Hoss

Archmagos Rexx Berion-Hoss Rexx Berion-Hoss is an Archmagos of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and a collector of rare automata. He caters to Planetary Governors and the inquisition, and is very much in demand for his ability to craft and/or […]

Autorelictor 0179, Inquisition Agent

Autorelictors are constructs which usually accompany a Inquisition warband.

Inquisimunda event at Adepticon 2017

A gallery of photos of an Inquisimunda event at Adepticon 2017, featuring members of the blog Ex Profundis.

Khornate Warband

A Khornate warband commission