Autorelictor 0179, Inquisition Agent

Autorelictors are constructs which usually accompany a Inquisition warband, on longer duration crusades and missions to remote locations. Burdened by the bones of martyrs, as well as tomes of arcane lore, they serve as a mobile altar of the Imperial Cult. The cyborg body of a beast is possessed of a simple machine spirit, that is often very loyal to a certain Inquisitor… to the point of being nearly useless to anyone else. Autorelictors often are loaded up with extra ammunition and supplies. They can be used as a mobile reactor to power devices and recharge lasguns, and they are equipped with advanced auspexes as well.

Creating Autorelictor 0179

This one has been on my desk for awhile, happy to finally get back to posting! The horse body is from a Death corps of Krieg rider, the tail is (one of my favorite bits haha) from a dark eldar talos, and the neck is a bit from Nagash. The head is from the archmagos draykavac kit from Forgeworld.

I spent a lot of time painting this one, attempting some NMM technique as well as just a lot of freehand on the books and layering on the skin, and some light airbrushing to give a dusty feeling here and there. I had the idea at the end to use some thread on the wooden poles and create a sort of rigging. Think I will do more rigging in the future… it gives the same sort of grimdark feel of dark age tech mixed with advanced cyborgs and lasers and all that sci fi stuff.

Thanks for visiting! And more inquisition stuff is on the way!


12 Comments on “Autorelictor 0179, Inquisition Agent

  1. Absolutely stunning! A wonderful conversion, lot’s of interesting and intricate detail and beautiful painting!

    I think this has just instantly shot up into my favourite inspirational miniatures.

  2. This is an amazing amalgamation of parts. You go from strength to strength both in imagination and in the painting.

    Cheers for inspiring the rest of us

    • That’s why i love miniatures… suits my artist-ADD and i can do painting, sculpting or creative concept.

  3. Loving this, not much more I can say, super inspirational work! Jake seems to have quite the collection of contributors on here, what with you and my good friend Julian and Isaac, keep up the great work!

    • Yes we’re lucky if not for jake this would just be going on an internet forum, haha.

  4. I love that. The rigging takes it that one step further. Fantastic skin tones. The idea is brilliant. I cannot wait to see its owner.

    • thanks PDH, i’ll get around to posting up the other minis soon just have to take pictures. and i always end up doing some final touch up

  5. Without wishing to resort to hyperbole that is easily one of the cleverest and best constructed miniatures I’ve seen recently. Simply outstanding!

  6. I saw this in a random Google search the other day and had to track down the original. Amazing work! I actually thought this was closer to a Land Raider scale-wise when I first saw the thumbnail on Google. Tempted to give something like this a go myself.

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