I know some guys would be too modest to draw attention to something like this, and some folk (like PDH) are just going to be used to it by now, but I am quite excited to see my figures up on the big screen, and considering I’ve been worried for the past few months that they would not look particularly good I am quite pleased with the photos. And I am quite amazed that they all made the cut and that there are nine pages of Blanchitsu all about Tsengir and co. I think my first issue of White Dwarf was somewhere around 140 (let’s pretend that Warhammer Visions is the same as White Dwarf) but I never expected to get a single miniature on those hallowed pages.

I think the photography hides some of the cruder aspects of the models and shows off my favourite bits like the freehand on the Arbite’s shield, and the black background looks much better than the white I usually use. I don’t think the macro-servitor looks great in closeups, although the OSL looks quite nice against the black and I bet that’s the first time an Epic scale Warlord Titan chainfist has been featured in a GW publication for a while. I do feel like the macro servitor in particular could use a bit of a revamp in places, and probably Tsengir himself a bit too, particularly the skin. I think my painting ability has improved quite a bit since I did those models. And the servitor imp got a whole page to himself – I converted and painted him in a couple of hours but I quite like the little guy now.

6 Comments on “Blanchitsu

  1. Well, modesty is all well and good, but there’s really no playing it cool when a hobby dream like this comes true, is there? I can safely say it was the same for me.

    Congratulations on the awesome Blanchitsu feature! It’s a gorgeous warband!

    • Cheers Kraut, it’s certainly encouraged me to think about doing more painting

  2. Hey , Congrats matey, He looks great ! not picked up this issue yet .. its now on my to get list !

    • I haven’t been buying Visions frequently, but there is some decent stuff in it – a totally brilliant Shaggoth duel is the highlight.

  3. Congratulations on getting in. I went to pick up the issue after reading this, and that shaggoth duel is pretty damn fine. The Adrian smith-ork is pretty impressive as well.

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