Sun Titan Space Marines

The Sun Titans can trace their genetic lineage back to the Imperial Fists, and were founded with the intention of being stationed near, or possibly within the sacred Sol System. This honour was rescinded shortly after the chapter’s inception, and their subsequent posting to the fringes of the Dalthus system for political reasons was not viewed well within the chapter. Rumour has it that the Sun Titans are extremely resentful of their subsequent stationing far from Sol, considering their posting on the fringes of civilised space as a grievous insult. It is possible that this is the reason for their apparent disinterest in the events of Profundis, a planet that falls within their area of control.


The Sun Titans have quickly gained a reputation as being particularly aloof and reluctant to participate – both in military councils and in conflicts. Their lack of active participation in the war-torn Profundis System and their preference to ‘present an immaculate image rather than get the mud of battle on their feet’ (attr. Lord Commissar Stane, 3rd Cthodian Royal Guard) has led to the chapter being regarded as vain to the point of egomania by their more outspoken critics, though the common infantryman or hive worker would never dream of expressing doubts about the glorious Astartes, who exist mainly as legend in the minds of men.

On the rare occasions the Sun Titans participate in regional conflicts they are viewed as gods – a legend they encourage. This is possibly the origin of the Cult of the Sunspyre, a semi-official interpretation to the Imperial Cult found on Andreas’ World an across the region. This cult was recently legitimised by Inquisitor Tsengir, although this was seen as an act of convenience by many, and no official ruling has been forthcoming from more senior officals. It is rumoured that the Sun Titans draw recruits from among the cultists, although the details of the recruitment process are a closely guarded secret.

The Sun as Emperor

Indeed, the Sun Titans appear to have their own unique take on the Imperial Truth, with the common image of the Sun of Terra being used in place of the Aquila. The Sun is regarded as an aspect of the God Emperor, and referred to as the Sol Invictus, or the Invincible Sun. The chapter take their symbol from a stylised icon of a blazing sun.

The chapter is reclusive, preferring to stay aboard the monastery ship ‘Luciferous’, usually in extremely close orbit around particularly brilliant stars, the light of which floods the ship through crystal windows.

Equipment and Tactics

The Sun Titan’s armour is a bright, polished gold with elaborate engravings, often adorned with elaborate crimson robes, possibly in the style of the fabled Adeptus Custodes of Terra. In addition they wear reflective or shielded helmets that are never removed. It is rumoured that under their helmets the Sun Titans are disfigured as a result of their recruitment practices and subsequent extreme exposure to sun light.

In combat, The Sun Titans favour flame, melta or plasma based weapons, and use a curious custom grenade that combines the effects of a photon flash and incendiary grenade – a blinding flash and lethal burning plasma fluid. They rarely fight in hand to hand combat, and ideally prefer to eliminate all enemies with orbital strikes – like a vengeful god from the heavens. Often this propensity for orbital strikes has resulted in casualties among loyalist forces, and critics of the Sun Titans, especially those among the veteran military councils of Profundis, have repeatedly called into question the use of a tactic that is both excessive and executed completely without prior knowledge or consent. The Sun Titans refuse to answer for their actions, and have never attended a military council.

“Sol Invictus”

– Litany of the Sun Titans

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