Brother Mythras

Little is known of the insular Sun Titan chapter of Astartes, though their harsher critics might say that they are self-obsessed to the point of narcissism, and that in their arrogance they have little interest in the affairs of the Imperium, viewing themselves as gods, living in isolation apart from the mortals they are supposed to protect. After the events of Mageddon the cry went up for the Astartes to protect Profundis, but the Sun Titans failed to respond in an adequate manner. As the regiments of the Guard and the PDF crumbled, the Sun Titans stood apart, their contributions to the war limited largely to orbital strikes. Brother Mythras is one Sun Titan who saw combat on Mageddon, though rarely speaking, and refusing to follow any plan of battle or relay information on the strategies of the Astartes the Space Marine proved himself a lethal combatant, though perhaps one with an apparent aversion to getting his hands dirty.

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