Captain Dakkar, Rogue Trader WIP

This is Kali Dakkar, Captain of the Dread Nautilus (which I illustrated here, along with some background). I’ve always wanted to do a rogue trader, an excuse for a flamboyant and extremely over-the-top individual with design elements and ideas taken from more diverse sources than a more austere Inquisitor. She is probably the most fiddly conversion I’ve ever attempted and only possible due to getting a dremel recently (cool stuff). The model is obviously rather inspired by Julian Bayliss’ fantastic Dreadfleet collection while the character is mainly inspired by Alan Moore, Jules Verne and also somewhat by the character Teng Namatijra in Dan Abnett’s (boring) Legion novel who has a pet big cat.



Maya, a genetically modified lynx

The lynx is made from an ancient wood elf beast, quite a nice sculpt I think. I had to chop it up a bit to make it less flat. They will be based together.


5 Comments on “Captain Dakkar, Rogue Trader WIP

  1. Jake

    I think this is my favourite miniature you have ever produced and the most interesting Rogue Trader I have ever seen. I am totally taken aback by the level of GSing you’ve acquired too. Bravo

    • The GS still looks a bit rough in places but hopefully it will be OK when painted. I might sand it some more although this model has involved an awful lot of sanding!

      I’m pleased with her though, I think she’ll work well as the first member of Hawksmoor’s crew.

  2. That’s a good use of form between model and GS. Nicely posed too.

    I like the Lynx as well – very Watchmen. I might take the ears up even higher and feather the hair out at the ends to resemble Dakkar’s turban feather, to up the flamboyancy between beast and owner.

    • Good idea, I had forgotten how big Bubastis’ ears were in Watchmen when I made Maya, I actually thought they would be a match. But I think both models will look pretty flamboyant once painted.

  3. Great looking gal you’ve done there. Really inspiring. I agree with PDH, you’re best conversion yet. Keep it up!

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