Changes to Ex Profundis

I’ve rolled out a new design for the new year, I found it hard to resist having a bit of a play around and I hope it looks a bit neater and better presented. I’ve also added a few new images around the site. I love making this sort of thing so it’s been a project over the last week or so, although maybe I should be painting.

Coming soon there will be some posts from other users that I feel share a similar design ethos to me, so hopefully the site will be something of a repository for the darker side of Warhammer. Unfortunately Meade has not been able to post much recently, but he is due a comeback soon. I’m working on more Black Sloth Hell models, but currently pondering what to do about basing due to the Fantasy Battle rumours.

You can now subscribe to the blog in the footer, which should make it easier to follow updates if that’s how you do things.

I’m afraid I deleted a couple of the most recent comments by mistake/laziness when updating the site, I’m sorry, it was nothing personal!

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