The Dark Age of Sigmar: Showcase

After one week of AoS28 there are already lots of great examples to show off. I’ve included some of my favourites below. There are a number of hobbyists that have been making Fantasy miniatures in an Inq28/Blanchitsu vein for a while now, but I have only included recent work in progress models. If you would like to be featured, please remember to tag your models with #AoS28 or email them to It would also help if they are clear photos on a plain background.

Witch Hunter by Kieran

Warder of the Oubliette Amythyste by James

Agent of the Order of Azyr by Henry

Inhabitants of Greywater by Bottle

Luminarchate Paladin by Hagen

Knight-Questor by Ben

In addition, Darren has this story which I think fits the theme perfectly:

Prologue to Shadow

Silently moving through the Shadow, the Knight-Questor pursues her quarry. As with all Stormcast, she cuts an imposing figure in battle plate. Her expression is resolute, and her features hard and battle-worn. The functional design of her armor betrays the hardships of its owner, with the nicks, dents, and scratches each signifying another close-call, calculated risk, or hard-fought victory. Miles of terrain, blood spilt, and other stains obscure the heraldry that no doubt once gleamed. Despite this, cold bare metal glints under the faint lunar glow meandering through the darkness.

The Realm of Shadow is a haunting and frightful plane. Considered by many as the most foreboding of the Mortal Realms, few would ever enter here willingly. And of those who do, fewer ever manage to leave. For those who call it home, the incredible nature of the human spirit continues to rebel against the depressing tableau that is daily life. A harsh existence is eked out by those damned souls who call this world home. The people here are hardy and strong-minded. It’s a requirement, as lesser men would be, and have been, broken by life in this misty hell.

The errant knight’s true purpose here is unknown. She is strangely silent to those she meets. Sigmar’s light rarely pierces the veil that drowns this world in gloom, and despite the warrior’s reticent nature, she is known by many names; Shadow-Chaser, Silent Huntress, the Savior of Ga’ul, to share but a few. The desperate men and women who follow her now continue to speculate on her purpose around their camp fires. Too terrified of her quiet fury, none have dared ask. But if they did, disappointment would be their answer. For it is impossible to speak with a severed tongue.

The huntsmen who follow her now are spread thinly through the bare trees with their wretched, clawing branches. Despite never saying a word, not even in the heat of battle, they have come to know when their mistress has the scent of quarry. Fanned out, they gladly risk life and limb to flush out her prey, as she individually saved each man in from this exact fate in the past. Despite it all, her followers witness how Sigmar’s brightness emanates from her noble form through action and deed. Gladly, each is ready to lay down their life if it will see her quest complete.

The darkness holds many terrors. And as for some, they can only be banished by divine light.

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  1. Fantastic use of Greyfax ! but my favorite is Warder of the Oubliette Amythyste ! Can’t wait to see more

  2. Hello I’d like to know if you’d be willing to sell your stormcast army or paint one for my sons. Please contact me :)

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