Dark Mechanicus Chimeric

The chimerics of the Dark Mechanicus House Sinekai are the twisted products of Magos Pust, the irredeemable Toymaker. Pust is determined to hit the genetic jackpot, combining different strands of animal DNA in a somewhat haphazard manner, in the hopes of finding a combination that will lead to the perfect creature – a solider or worker that can outfight the Astartes, outsmart the Eldar or outlast the Tyranid.

Pust is quite unique in his attitude to his work, and is even fairly jovial (although most of the magi of House Sinekai do seem to tend towards eccentricity), though he is somewhat quick to become bored. Many experiments that capture his imagination initially become discarded when only half finished, and some sit idle on his workbench for years before one day he might become inspired to finish them. Even successful chimerics can find themselves discarded if they aren’t immediately useful, some of them run off to hide among the dark corners of the Sinekai explorator vessels (where rumour has it they are slowly becoming organised and educated under the leadership of a strange grey shambling chimeric), others are herded back into the pens of the fleshworks by the ever vigilant Geist servitors, where they will inevitably fuel the next generation of genetic aberrations, one way or another.

Unlike the random mutating effects of the warp, all chimerics are the result of genetic engineering. Pust is a firm believer in science, and doesn’t hold for any of that magic nonsense.

Magos Pust and his latest creation

This chimeric appears to be a cross of Astartes and swine, possibly with some Ork in there too. Maybe a pinch of unknown xenos DNA for flavour. Pust appears to be happy with it.

I finished this model months ago but was never happy with it, however while taking some new photos today I managed to get a couple from his ‘good side’ and I think he looks OK. No other angles are available though! You can also see the little bits and bobs collecting assistant cherubim, I actually gave up on this model after other converters took the idea and did it better than I could hope to. So this is really a group of rejects, but they are safe from being thrown back into the gene pens (bitsbox) for now at least.

I’ve always hated pigs, did you see Hannibal? Horrible things. The idea of a hyena-swine in The Island of Doctor Moreau was so appalling I had to copy it, and originally my entire Dark Mechanicus project was going to be inspired by that book.

I also hate the plastic minotaur sculpts and ended up covering over almost all of it with new fur, I think using such a crappy base model was a bit of a mistake.

12 Comments on “Dark Mechanicus Chimeric

  1. I think this actually works quite well. There are some great textures on him that reflect the genetic pitfalls of his experimental origins.

    The fluff, the story of how you made the figure, and your feeling towards the parts used all complement each other into a single experience that makes up this figure, and makes him successful.

  2. I like how your story behind Pusts method of creation in some ways mirrors your own when it came to creating these two misfits. I really like them and they ooze character. For a while I thought maybe the boar head had come from a Hordes figure until I remember that Fantasy Orcs have those “new” plastic boar boys. Excellently used component!

    • Yeah it’s a bit of a joke. Pust and I have some things in common, but I think he is probably more jovial, more rotund and slightly more drenched in gore than me. Plus, no matter how much I try to train my cat, he won’t go and fetch me human remains. Useless.

  3. What a wonderfully disgusting creature — since I just finished watching the second season of Hannibal, I felt instantly reminded of Mason Verger’s little menagerie. Eww…

    As has been pointed out above, Magos Pust seems to be the archetypal wargaming modeler when it comes to his creations… ;)

    • Cheers Neil!

      Also I forgot to mention one inspiration for this guy – the game A Machine For Pigs. Worth a quick play through.

      • I have heard of that .. although i didnt play it.. they did a sequel didnt they ? i remember pipes and passageways..

        • It’s a semi-sequel to Amnesia. It’s good, just not very scary. Short, good story.

    • I love the concept, I wasn’t so happy with the execution here, I thought I might try again actually. I think yours is a much nicer conversion, good work. I like your Mordheim models too and I will remember to comment on them soon

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