Doom of the Gods – Frost Giants WIP

The frost giants are characters for my army. There was no plan for these, other than I had assembled a load of parts that I thought would be useful and them started building and trying things out to what worked!


The heads and torsos are from the Forge World Chaos Bull Centaurs, also some of the arms. The legs and feet are all scratch built with some details added from the GW range. I also used minotaur arms and a variety of weapons.


I am pleased with these. It was very difficult to rework the upper half of the mini. The head had to be raised to a higher position, more anatomically correct to a human type species, on the Forge World model the head almost comes out of the chest, below the shoulders. So moving the head was crucial and changed the whole look of the model. It took a lot of green stuff to blend the parts.


The tallest of the giants has the most work on it. I used the forge world head and put it on a river troll body. This was re-sculpted to make it more human looking. The arms and legs are scratch built from green stuff and I used the Giants hands from the plastic kit. The story for this Giant is that he carries Yggdrasil on his shoulders, after stealing it from the Norse tribes and the Gods. This leads to the war known as Ragnarok! The tree is made from a GW plastic tree I had in my bits box. I added roots to the base and sand to try to make it look like it had been heaved from out of the ground. I am looking forward to painting this and seeing how all the parts work together!


The mourngul model is a spirit god summoned by the frost giants in their darkest hour. It is an elemental spirit and creates its form from ice. It devours the souls of its enemies, feeding its hunger. I scratch built the legs from plastic sprues to make a frame, then added green stuff over the top to add detail and muscle tone. I finished the legs off with the feet from the giant sprue. They are not really what i had in mind, but the base around the model is going to be built up with glass and water effect and snow, so I don’t think you will see much of them by the time i’m done!


It was discussing this project with Jake that headed me in the right direction. I had reached a bit of a block with it, when he suggested using crackle paint! Perfect! Hopefully this will give an ice effect to the model. Never tried it before so it will be a case of try it and see. I will post more pics of the finished model, so keep watching!

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  1. I’m really jealous of the mourngul as I always wanted to do something similar. It’s going to look great.

    The giant with the tree is genius I think, so much character and story. So much work has gone into these, you must never sleep! And having seen a teaser of what’s coming next I think you keep getting better and better.

    • Thanks Jake, i am really into the my Norse project at the moment and finding so much inspiration for models and different armies…including the Trolls! .Have to say you have done me proud with putting these images together. Very much appreciated mate!

  2. Again of the big art! These giants are incredible, beautiful use of parts FW and GW and great sculpture I looks forward to the paint… still bravo

    • Thank you Francois, thought it might be nice to show what they looked like before painting!

      • You were right to show them before painting, it inspires me for the futur but now it is necessary to paint them!!!

  3. Seriously Julian your sculpting skills are off the hook! You keep raising the bar as far as conversions go, I’m really inspired by these models and they aren’t even painted yet! Makes me think of some really epic encounters that could be had, if I go ahead with some of the mad ideas I’ve got going on in my head. . . Great work if you haven’t figured that out yet lol!

    • Cheers Gabe. Our imaginations shall meet upon the battlefield and the craziest mind shall conquer! Umm thinking about it…you win by a mile!
      Shame i can’t leave them unpainted! LOL, Although i am looking forward to trying out the crackle paint effect on the mourngul convert!

  4. At least there is one place I can beat you ha ha, your conversions win the awesome prize, mine shall carry the day for the crazies lol!

  5. great scott.. i love these .. kinda been in the dark recently in blogosphere – the tree carrying giant is excellent as is the mourngul.. highly recommend crackle paints for ice effects – your shelves must be heaving under the weight of your latest output..

    • Thank you Neil, glad you recommend the crackle paint, looking forward to trying it!
      The shelves are holding out…just! Lol
      Me thinks a new cabinet is needed! I have 5 in total, 3 doubles and 2 singles, got room for 1 more double, then i will have to retire! Lol

  6. They are going to look Brill!

    PAINT THEM!!!!! PAINT THEM!!!!!!!!

    In case you wondered I would like to see them painted.

  7. Lol, i think i better paint these or i’m going to be in trouble!
    Did you see my frost giant warlord model?
    Thanks for your comments

  8. Brilliant stuff! It’s great to see more of your work in the WIP phase. You’re a talented sculptor alright. At first K thought that maybe the large areas of green were just textured plastic with liquid greenstuff.
    Really can’t wait to see more and thank you for sharing, Julian.

    • Cheers for the comments! Just so you know, some of the areas are plastic with liquid green stuff over the top. I use it to smooth over joins, mould lines, bulk up areas and blend greenstuff to the plastic/resin. All the legs are built from scratch, parts of the bodies have been bulked up and re-sculpted, some of the arms have been built up to look more muscular, some have been cut to be lengthened by adding a piece of plastic in between the 2 parts and then green stuff over the top. So all sorts going on with these chaps!
      Thanks again!

  9. Very nice, Julian.
    I would be very nervous about trying an ice effect over a model that nice
    Good luck

  10. Cheers mate for your ‘nice’ comment lol
    I am a bit nervous about trying the effect straight onto the model, but…he who dares wins! Lol

    • Thanks Odie, really enjoyed making them. I have used four and a half feet of green stuff on these and my trolls since mid August! Lol

  11. I hope this is a trendsetter and that we’ll get to see more WiPs here because it’s always fascinating seeing how much work some miniatures actually demand. And I’d wager that goes for everything on this blog.

    Other than that Julian I love these miniatures and they really show the Jötunn in true miniature form. I’m from Norway so it’s not like I’m not familiar with our own mythology and you’re doing a fantastic job here :) Btw, as far as trolls go I have always wanted to see something like this recreated.
    Just saying ;)

    • High praise indeed sir, i hope i do the norse mythology justice, i am totally engrossed in it! Lol.
      I have started my troll army, but i luv that picture you showed me, very inspiring. Funnily enough Jake suggested a similar idea, so my next troll will pay homage to you guys for your support and ideas! Looking forward to trying it…may have to buy another Glottkin model for this!

    • Hi Mate, just to let you know just undercoated my latest troll ,with that pic you sent me as the inspiration.
      Hope to post some pics in the next month, hope you like it!

  12. How do you do ? How can your work being much awesome minis after minis…. Those giants are fantastic, and the Mourngul looks promissing ! As always, excellent work Bro’ !

    • Thanks Manu! The mourngul is at that stage where it could be the best mini i have done, or one that never gets photographed! Lol. I will make it work one way or another i’m sure! Lol
      Glad you like the giants, have you noticed my models are getting bigger and bigger! No idea what will be next!
      Cheers Bro!

  13. Hey Julian, you have done it yet again, fantastic work keep it up and keep posting!

    • Thank you Jeremy, i will post some finished pics so you can see how they turned out!

  14. Holy cow!
    I saw your warlord in Warhammer Visions and thought to myself: I would like too see that unpainted.
    And now you show me this :) Lovely lovely work. The giant caring the tree is my favorite.

    • Thanks Tony, thought they would make interesting pics of how they were built up! I have another 6 painted up from a year ago. And another 6 bull centaurs waiting for conversion. So it should be quite a force.
      Glad you like the tree carrying giant. He wasn’t really planned, the tree was in a separate pile of bits taken from a board i had dismantled and i picked it up and put it on the shoulder and thought…Like that! Lol. Then made up the story to go with him!
      Cheers Tony

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