These are the finished Dreadfleet models, painted in a completely new way for me. White base coat then washed over. Really enjoyed this method and think it worked well for ghostly pirates. What do you think?


Vampire Captain, Tomb King Captain and Empire Captain


Skaven, Chaos Dwarf, Harpooner and Ghost Pirate


Figureheads and Sea Monsters


Denizens of the Deep


16 Comments on “Dreadfleet

  1. Blown away as always Julian, keep up the goods work! Loads of inspiration right here, gives me something to aim for. . .

  2. Hmm, I hate to be “that guy”, but I’m not 100% sold on the painting style. While it does work pretty well on some of the models (and especially some of the bases), I think the brilliant conversions would benefit from some additional touchups here and there, especially when it comes to the faces. Right now, some of them seem like they are awaiting the next painting stages.

    But I realise of course that this all boils down to personal taste, and maybe this particular style just isn’t for me…sorry ;)

    • Really appreciate your point of view. The photos tend to show up all kinds of mistakes and missed painting opportunities. So i think a revisit is needed for more detail, so thanks for that. I was just trying to paint them with washes and nothing else so they do look a bit mushy, but overall its not far off the effect i wanted.
      Also has anyone else had problems with washes fading? The colours have faded since i first applied them giving a more saturated overall look, not so intense as when i first painted them back in January.
      Thanks for your points, they are a big help!

      • Glad to see you took my criticism the way it was intended! Make no mistake, I rather like the watercoloury quality to the models! If anything, I’d suggest adding some very careful, restrained highlights to key areas such as the faces, in order to keep the painterly effect. I think that would make the already very cool models truly stellar!

        • When i painted these i wasn’t sure if i liked them or if they were too wishy washy! Lol. I completely agree with you, as i said the photos highlight things i hadn’t noticed in normal size.
          I am definitely going to try to touch up some details like you said. I may need a magnifying glass though! Lol

  3. Impressive, and so inspiring. I like the rawness of the modeling and painting. Maybe a small level in the contrast on photoshop would make it a bit more contrasty, but what a stunning work. I think I am going to give it a go, since I love DreadFleet as well. I have noticed that in the past you have use rond metalic bases. does the green stuff stick enough to it once dry or did you use any method to get a strong bond?

    • Hi Damien, great to hear you like my dreadfleet models. The painting style was a bold step for me as it is nothing like i normally do.But i really wanted to try to capture the essence of the portraits in the book and the washy technique of the illustrations. I would luv to see someone else tackling these characters, so please share the pics! Not sure what you meant about the green stuff and metal bases, but green stuff sticks to everything including my fingers!

  4. Wow just found these – Truely excellent conversions! The paint jobs really evoke the loose and ethereal style of John Blanche’s concept art. There are some really striking characters here, I’m struggling to pick a favourite, but if push came to shove I guess I’m a sucker for a femme fatale with cutlasses for legs!

    • Thanks for the great comments, really appreciate it. Glad you like the painting, i was not sure if it would work or even has worked! Its a different approach for me, but as you rightly said, i was trying to capture the feel of the paintings!
      I like the female best! , Don’t know what that says about us! Lol

    • Hi Tom, sorry mate , only just found your question. Which figure did you want to know the parts for? Lol

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