Dreadfleet WIP

In this Dreadfleet project I tried to capture the character of the pictures, which was tricky with some of them, because the pictures only showed the head or bust so I had to fill in the rest! Then I expanded to making creatures and crew. My favourite models are based on the dryad figures. These are meant to be the figure heads of sunken ships that are seeking revenge on those that destroyed their vessels!

6 Comments on “Dreadfleet WIP

  1. I had this exact idea the other day. Really quite looking forward to seeing what julian comes up with. It will no doubt be something wonderful if the rest of his extensive work is anything to go by.

    • Can you see the WIP Images? He says he will send the painted ones when he has them

      • I had a simple moment and didn’t realise I could scroll through the images. Amazing pieces of art altogether!

  2. These are superb.. The kelpie rider and the prosthetic pirate are wonderful- their is a dreadfleet style nagash floating around the interwebs that is reminiscent of these.

    the new look exprofundis is so smooth and flowy ;-)

  3. These are great. Had me owwing and laughing – he has to be my favorite ‘converter’. Emailed with him, but was many months ago now. Give him my best!

  4. Just discovered these. Absolutely amazing work!

    What head bit was used for the prosthetic pirate, as the poster above called it?

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