The Eclipse – Competition Gallery

The Eclipse competition has come to a close and the gallery of entrants is now online.

If your entry is missing please reply to this post with a link and I will add it, it’s just an oversight – there were far more entrants than expected and it became difficult to keep track of them all! Winners will be announced soon.

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2 Comments on “The Eclipse – Competition Gallery

  1. Jake, to you and to everyone else involved in the conception and execution of Eclipse: a great big THANK YOU. This, and the AoS28 project, has reinvigorated the hobby for me and I hope for many others as well. You saved Age of Sigmar by putting the emphasize on the strengths of the setting rather than its weaknesses. Let’s hope for many coming years of exploring the infinite grimdark possibilities of the mortal realms together.

  2. So many good entries.

    And a big cheer for you all who made it possible. Didn’t have time to join this particular event but I’m looking forward to join in in future events.

    Everyone keep it up, you all inspire us lurking in the shadows.

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