Fallen Inquisitor WIP

There is radical – where you just have some funny ideas about holding hands with Eldar – and then there is radical where you enlist a cannibal pirate prince, steal a forbidden tome and use it to summon daemons and to lay waste to a planet.

This is my villain, an Inquisitor turned heretic. You can’t tell from the image so clearly but the guy at his feet is dissolving. There is a heavy price for reading from the Pseudomonarchia Slaanesh, and it is not a price the former inquisitor is willing to pay himself.

2 Comments on “Fallen Inquisitor WIP

  1. Hi, I just stumbled over your blog thanks to Kraut Scientist. You have produced some really awesome and inspiring models, I’ll be sure to follow your progress.

  2. Quite a chilling character you have created there. The Dark Elf parts work strikingly well, giving him a tall, yet powerful physique. The stern face, the imposing book, and the agony filled soul at his feel all work together to weave a sinister story!

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