Friendless, Chosen of Slaanesh

The Slaaneshi Astartes known as ‘Friendless’ arrived unannounced and uninvited to the gathering forces of Chaos surrounding Profundis in the early days of the war. Refusing to give a name, and being similarly recalcitrant with volunteering information about his chapter, rank or allegiance, the lone Space Marine came simply to be referred to as Friendless, though he has never referred to himself this way. Friendless communicates almost entirely in idioglossia – an apparent mix of nonsense words and irrelevant information, making him almost impossible to direct in any meaningful way. As such he has been largely left to pursue his own agenda, whatever that is.

It has been noted that despite his apparent insanity his actions, though unpredictable are usually focused and carried out with all the professionalism that would be expected of an Astartes. Sometimes – particularly during moments of combat – there is a notable clarity to Friendless’ speech and actions, leading some to suspect that his insanity may be – at least partially – an act or disguise.

Friendless usually wields a lash or whip, often improvised but used with uncanny skill. He also has an archeotech pistol of unknown origins, capable of firing heavy mutagenic projectiles. Upon entering the target’s bloodstream these projectiles cause a rapid cellular change, resulting in the catastrophic breakdown of biological matter: this can manifest explosively.

Friendless does not wear his full suit of power armour, leaving his chest or arms exposed. It has been noted that he possesses a healing ability that exceeds standard Astartes levels, and bullet wounds have been seen to scab and heal over almost instantly.

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