Frost Giants

These giants are part of my frost giant army. They are all converted from the Forge World bull centaur torsos and heads. The only one with a different body is the giant carrying the tree. I used a troll body for him.

They are mostly flesh and armour. I have used a tanned flesh for the skin, (I wondered if i should have cooled it down as they are frost giants, but at the time I was inspired by the giants from Conan graphic novels so they ended up like this!). The flesh starts off as a dark brown, then whilst it’s still wet I sort of blend in some lighter colours. I usually add grey to my mix as it mutes the overall colour, then it is a case of highlights and washes until I am happy with the result.

The metal is my tried and trusted formula: Boltgun metal, a mix of armour wash and a brown ink. Sometimes I add a blue wash in places to give a sort of reflective effect. Boltgun/Mithril highlights. I love using snow on the bases, it really lifts my models which are dark and shows them up better. I use a mix of snow powder with liquid resin.

Just an update on my Armies of Asgard project: I have armies for Odin, Loki, Hela, Frost Giants and Trolls, all of which I keep adding too when ideas present themselves. I have really enjoyed swapping between the armies as it keeps everything fresh and exciting.

I always loved the Mourngul model, but I wished it wasn’t just a floating torso, so decided to make it some legs. The idea was that it was a spirit type creature that the frost giants summoned in times of dire needs: maybe a hero who was killed in battle and swore to fight alongside his kin when needed. Once a noble mighty warrior, now some terrible savage killing machine, torn and twisted from a life in hell. Formed from ice and snow to hold the soul in place.

The legs were made from sprues cut up and glued together to make the basic position and length. I seal the joins and reinforce them with superglue and sand! Keep adding sand and it makes a concrete like bond when dry! The sprues were then thickened out with blu-tac and coated in superglue. Finally a layer of green-stuff was added for the detailing. Feet from the giant sprue were added, not exactly what i had in mind, but i couldn’t find anything else!


I wanted the paint job to reflect a lost tormented soul wandering out in the frosty cold wilderness, caught between hell and earths most terrible lands. Also as I mentioned I had wondered if I should have gone for a colder flesh palette on my giants, so this was a good opportunity to try it on this model. Big thanks to Jake for suggesting using crackle paint/varnish for the skin. I wanted him to look like he was formed from ice – I am really pleased with the effect and will use it again.

8 Comments on “Frost Giants

  1. I love these Julian, especially the Mournghul. It reminds me of the wendigo from the BPRD comics (

    I think the sheer amount of work that has gone in to each model is easy to overlook, but completely scratch built legs for the whole bunch – not just the Mournghul – is pretty nuts. And great use of the Forge World Chaos Dwarf kits, they have such great detail and expressive faces.

    The giants are an impressive bunch, I look forward to having a game against them one day!

  2. as ever, just simply stunning, such amazing ideas and conversions as always, your sculpting is always so impressive and the paint jobs sing

  3. This is just…i can’t even…lost for words….mind blown!! Incredible, truly inspirational work that has broken my jaw due to how quickly it hit my desk this morning! Would love to see an army shot once everything is complete. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You’ve gone and done it again Julian, just mind blowing work! Good to see your warlord again, hard to believe that it looks even better in person!

  5. Thank you so much guys for your kind words. Always great to get such encouragement and drives me on to making more stuff. Big thanks to Jake for putting the page up for me and making the pics look better than they are! Lol.
    I’ll try to get some group shots taken for all the armies.
    Latest project is a conversion of the necron ark into a galleon for Hela to carry the souls to Valhalla, if i do say so myself its all working out rather well! Lol
    Thanks again for the great comments!

  6. This is, once again, a great demonstartion of all your art Julain. Where can you found all this insane skills for creating such pieces of art ? Congratulations Bro’, you’re really one of the best artists in this world.

    • Lol, thanks Manu, i’ll have what you’re drinking! Lol. Thanks for your kind words, glad you like them.

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