Inquisimunda Battle Report – Navigators vs Mutants

An Inquisimunda battle report between the otherworldly Navigators of the Splinter-House Merz-Itano played by Isaac and the Scaw mutants of Transcore Hive played by Rob.

Click the button above to launch the battle report. Please note this page uses large images and it might not be a good idea to view on a mobile device.

17 Comments on “Inquisimunda Battle Report – Navigators vs Mutants

  1. This was simply the best battle report I have ever had the pleasure of reading! The photography was excellent, accompanied with evocative writing (including the superb Doctor’s postulates). And the models involved are also inspired!

  2. Simply the best battle report I have ever read or watched. This is inspiring stuff both from a narrative stand point and a visual. Loved it and need to try and make one of my own in your honour Sirs!

  3. Original and beautiful story telling , alongside original and beautiful models ._pushing bounderies and experimenting is at the core of great art and creativity . Good to see its alive and well on ex profundis .

  4. Have t say what I could see of this was just amazing, the story telling was great too, unfortunately, the images wouldn’t hold on my computer as they just kept fading to black. . . Having said that, what I did see looked to be an amazing game, the terrain just looked awesome!

    • Sorry you had technical errors, I didn’t test it particularly thoroughly and it uses some unusual techniques for the web. What browser are you using? Tried Chrome?

  5. So cool! This has really set the bar for how a battle report should be done. I love how well the two warbands play off each other aesthetically, the terrain is just fantastic as well.

  6. Excellent battle report, although i would have liked to see an “out of game” lineup of the forces at the end (even in another post)

    The slide show tool worked well for me (Chrome) and gave it a nice atmosphere.

  7. Simply brilliant. So much atmosphere, the slideshow format was perfect, and just enough detail in the comments to make it interesting while digestible. Please more in the future!!

  8. Credit where it is due – the photos were taken by Rob at Isaac at Adepticon last year, and then we retouched them a little as the lighting was not ideal. The two gangs have been featured on the site, and Isaac will be showing more photos of his Navigators soon. The story is also by Isaac, as is the insight into the mind of the doctor.

    Thanks for comments about the format. I’ve been so slow to get this online and had to cut a few corners with testing, but as it has been well received it is something I will try to refine for the future. In the meantime if you spot any bugs, please feel free to let me know!

  9. This is fantastic! The miniatures, the story telling, the scenery, and the technological feat used to show this to us! Really inspiring!

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