Inquisimunda event at Adepticon 2017

The Event

Hello friends, we would like to share some pictures of the Inquisimunda event we held at Adepticon, attended by myself (Rob), Isaac, and Vince. The idea was to get all our model collection on the table. To that effect we crafted a scenario involving a trio of Navigators that had been driven insane. The Insane Navigators had managed to attract the attentions of a rival Navigator household, as well as a chaotic Tzeentch warband, and a Inquisitorial cell. Meanwhile, the mutants living in the underhive were being disturbed! (and began to emerge late in the game by random die rolls… via the open pipes distributed across the board).

We used the Inquisimunda ruleset to represent the various characters. We did not add up points, but rather attempted to play each character faithfully to how they were modelled (if its modelled with a power sword, then it has a power sword). That saved us a lot of time and aggravation. The Terrain was a mixture of some Sector Imperialis terrain (painted by myself) and Isaac’s extremely creative home made terrain. It made for plenty of interesting choices in the game.

In the end Isaac’s rival navigator household was successful at prodding one of the insane navigators off the table (the victory condition) with Vince close behind, although both parties were being chased by mobs of angry mutants!

Enjoy the pictures! We will likely do something similar next year at Adepticon so any INQ28 fans can contact us, and let us know if they want to join in. During the course of the game we had many passers-by interested in exactly what we were doing… the most common question was, “what game is this?”

The Warbands

The gallery above contains a variety of snapshots from the event. I’ll leave it to you guys to piece together the timeline (sorry I’m a bit lazy). But here are the warbands involved. Some of which are featured here on Ex Profundis already (and some may be up in the future in more detail…. hint hint).

My new Inquisition warband:

Vince’s Tzeentchian warband (Vince is also known as Dark_Tech on Instagram):

Isaac’s Navigators of house Akuhm:

My mutants:

Isaac’s Navigators of House Mertz-Itano:

Thanks for stopping by. If anyone might be around the area of Adepticon next year or is interested in planning events you can let us know!


10 Comments on “Inquisimunda event at Adepticon 2017

    • Thanks Urion, there’s always next year! We should be there in force again.

  1. Your new warband and the Tzeenchian stuff is fantastic; can’t wait to see them in more detail. From your new warband I especially like the giraffe-horse. This just reinforces the idea in my mind that there is ALWAYS something original to be done in the world of miniature creation. I’m sorry to have missed seeing this in person!

    • Thanks dude. Just to be clear the Tzeenchian stuff is not mine… they belong to a guy named Vince.

      But the Horse (still haven’t thought of a proper grimdark name for him) and the others should be out soon enough, just in the photographing stage and doing a few more details.

      I think there’s definitely always something you can do creatively. haven’t scratched the surface really. I love seeing the same base mini being turned into many different characters, so entirely different you could barely make the connection. And seeing people’s personalities come through in the process.

      • Great works!!!

        a question what for a base model is that by the mutants right the big one? maybe you can send me Pictures of it :-)

        and the Navigator house with the big heads from what for miniatures that was?

        greetings michael

        • bigger mutants are: one has the torso of a vargheist and the big three headed mutant is one of the chaos mutants from the chaos shrine kit from fantasy.

          the big head navigators mostly sculpted by isaac, at least the heads themselves and then the bodies are heavily built from scratch.. afaik

          • Yes, the big heads on the Navigators are indeed sculpted (from mixes of greenstuff, apoxie sculpt, and procreate). The largest head also uses various GW bits and plasticard for the respirator. The seated navigator’s legs are sculpted, but the rest of him is made up of various bits and plasticard (venerable dreadnought parts for his chest, for example). The two headed baby-faced navigator is based on every converter’s favorite Nurgle Lord, and the other baby-faced Navigator’s body is the lower half of the Magos Dominos.

  2. Would be nice to see a blog post and gallery of pics of the Adepticon board…

    • perhaps next year, or when i finally have a really nice board set up I’ll do a post concentrating on it. This year it was a little haphazard and the really impressive stuff is Isaac’s.

  3. Sadly, I couldn’t get to Adepticon in Chicago last year ( it snowed in March !!)but your conversions are amazing aswell as your friends,hope to make it next year and see it myself.

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