Inquisitor Hawksmoor

Hawksmoor is a daemonhunter, and while there are those in the Inquisition that wield their power with the precision of a surgeon and strike from the shadows, Hawksmoor is not among their number. An unsubtle man, a man with furious purpose, a man with no taste for compromise or weakness. Sometimes known as ‘the bear’ for his vast size, Hawksmoor is almost able to stand eye-to-eye with an Astartes. Hawksmoor is a biomancer, though while most psykers use their warp powers delicately and master them through practice and patience, Hawksmoor’s ability is almost instinctive, and is triggered by his focus and and fury in combat. Already powerful, when his biomancer’s skill takes effect his skin becomes unbreakable and he can swing his relic hammer with unstoppable force. The years, and the trauma of events on the former hive world of Mageddon have taken their toll on Hawksmoor, and his body is ravaged with multiple savage wounds, none of which can be replaced with bionics due to the nature of his biomancy. After Mageddon, Hawksmoor has become convinced that the God-Emperor himself speaks to him in his mind, and posses his body, and thus is he the Emperor’s Will incarnate – the mortal instrument through which the Emperor can lay hands upon Daemonkind. This divine purpose manifests to others as erratic, almost berserk behaviour, where the Inquisitor’s usual zeal and ferocity is replaced by an almost mindless destructive impulse.

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