Inquisitor Hawksmoor WIP

This is Inquisitor Hawksmoor of the Ordo Malleus. Not a subtle man.

The conversion is based on Kor Phaeron’s body, one of my favourite sculpts of recent times. I love the archaic terminator armour, with all the extra wires and hinges. Kor Phaeron’s arms and claws are very distinctive (and also fantastic) so I tried to change the pose as much as possible in order to disguise where the bits are from. The head is from a World Eater Rampager, another great sculpt but not showcased very well on the Forgeworld site, the Rampagers look pretty goofy overall.

3 Comments on “Inquisitor Hawksmoor WIP

  1. How is it possible that you continue to make such astounding models? You seem to raise the bar every time you unveil something new. I’ll look forward to seeing Hawksmoor painted with baited breath.

    • Yep, Ork arms – I think they have better definition that a lot of human arm sculpts. Plus they are huge.

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