Inquisitor Tsengir

Once, Inquisitor Tsengir would stop at nothing to prevent the spread of corruption in the Imperium – chasing it down at its roots, following up leads across the stars and persecuting the heretic at every opportunity. The events of Sanctus IV changed his outlook dramatically: a Xenos attack killed his friend and former mentor, Inquisitor Tissembellackis and a chest wound, though repaired with a bionic, left him in constant pain. While recovering from his wounds, Tsengir decided that his life should not be wasted simply responding to threats, and that more proactive action was needed.

He believes his mission now is to find a permanent solution to the great threats of Chaos and the escalation of Xeno activity – a weapon of legend destined to change the fate of the Imperium and to be his personal legacy. He chases all rumours about doomsday devices, biological weapons, cosmic technologies from the lost ages of fallen civilisations, prophecies of vengeful alien gods… nothing is beyond his scrutiny. He believes that the Imperium is beset on all sides and fighting a war that it can only lose and only extreme action can save it. He is no longer concerned about being branded a radical, or being mocked by his peers for his lack of success in finding results. He sympathises with Xanthanites whom he believes have come to the same conclusion he has, but he does not share in their methods of exploiting the Warp.

Other inquisitors may resent him for failing to deal with circumstances that should have been in his remit, for wasting resources and for having dealings with Xenos that many would claim were heretical. A student of Xeno cultures, Tsengir is a believer in the uncharacteristically pragmatic Eldar philosophy of Belah Aill-Mear (roughly translated as ‘The Shortest Path’). Tsengir will work in whatever manner he thinks will benefit him the quickest, regardless of moral or diplomatic complications – often to the chagrin of his peers. His treating with Xeno cultures usually involves trading knowledge or artefacts but sometimes it involves threats, torture and even genocide. The unsanctioned and controversial genocide of the peaceful Xenos Species 0-A231 in the Howling Stars region – thought to be withholding information on the mythical star-eater virus is just one example of how Tsengir will not let anything stand in the way of his personal mission.To enable greater personal freedom away from the scrutiny of the Imperium, Tsengir operates from his personal starship the Ultima Ratio. Some of his critics speculate that Tsengir’s personal fortunes may have been augmented through illicit trading of Xeno artefacts, something Tsengir has never deigned to refute.

Recently he has traveled to Profundis to personally oversee an investigation of the Hiri-Shale Artifact, however upon arriving in the region he has discovered the true scope of the Dark Mechanicus’ war.

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