Khornate Warband

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This project was done as a commission for my buddy Fritz, check out his youtube channel here: Wargamer: Fritz . Hopefully we can get an Inquisimunda campaign going, and produce some battle reports! I’ve left out the usual added content like names and such, so he is free to create his own background for the warband.

The Beastman pitslave was my favorite part of the project, didn’t come out looking like a beastman so much (I used the Ungor with the cute little belly), but had fun converting him and the beast legs make a nice combination of beast and mechanical. I also enjoyed doing the warriors with shields, I think of them as a counterpart to Inquisitorial crusaders. I also liked doing the dogs. We will have to modify the rules a little to account for those monstrous dogs… their chains are magnetized at the end so they can be released from the Ogryn’s grip… and shout out, release the hounds!

The bases were a new experiment too, I used crackle paint on them and am experimenting with ways to get different subtle textures but to place them in a setting that is very Mad Max/Ash Waste.

22 Comments on “Khornate Warband

  1. A very successful escort! And of magnificent dusty colors.
    Would be it possible to see a photo of the ogryn?

    • Thanks man!
      maybe eventually, i was hoping to get a few more shots done this week but too busy… and then i need to give it to the dude… but all these miniatures I’m hoping to do nice battle reports with and get nice shots of the minis in terrain.

      • Pressed to see the photos of the battle reports!
        And still bravo

  2. Awesome minis! What are those skeletal heads from?
    The colours are dark and grimy but your painting is really crisp and clean! Wish i could achieve that!

    • Thanks Julian!

      Since it was a commission and under time contraints… the painting is mostly all airbrushing, wash drybrush and pigments… not a one highlight made with the brush, aside from the eyes.. so not super amazing painting but it does what I need it to do :)

        • Thanks dude! also forgot to mention the heads are forgeworld cultist enforcers.

          • Oh, thanks for that, they look ace! Really scary!

  3. Amazing work. I listen to Wargamer: Fritz all the time and he has made me a good player. I hope he does a vlog to show these off. I’m going to leave him a message to see if he will. You are one of my favorite converter/painters.

    • Thanks bud! Yeah i game with Fritz all the time, you can often see me or my miniatures in his casual battle reports that he throws up. We are working on the Inquisimunda campaign together. There will definitely be a vlog showing these off once he gets his hands on them!

  4. Excellent work on these! They are feral enough to read as Khornate, yet also have a uniform enough look to make them work as a group. Love the gritty look and feel of the warband — and yes, those Enforcer heads work beautifully for followers of Khorne, don’t they?

    • Thanks Kraut!

      yeah I’ve been wanting to use those heads for a long time to be honest… of course these guys were done right before the age of sigmar stuff which would also make great 40k cultists…. but not so sure if they would work alongside these guys… i definitely wanted that rag-tag look to them. But whenever you make a bunch of dudes with the same helmets and armor and rebreathers on, the dude with no shirt or helmet (or no shirt and a helmet?) just looks odd.

  5. Hi these are simply amazing. In fact all the work I have seen on here is fantastic!! So glad I found this site. How do you achieve that dry “ashy” look? My models still end up looking a bit shiny. Yours look matt. Brilliant. Cheers.

    • Rob might have missed this but I think I can answer – it’s a result of airbrushing and weathering pigment I think. And if you are getting a gloss look it might be from inks – try a coat or two of matt varnish before weathering.

      • Cheers mate. I’m still experimenting with the weathering pigments. I find in a bit heavy handed with it and I bought some matt varnish the other day so I’ll try all this. Thanks for the reply mate I really appreciate it.

        • No worries, don’t forget that varnish will almost entirely remove any weathering powders you have already put on, so do them after. You may need to do metals after the varnish too if you want them to shine, although it looks like Rob has not used shiney metals here.

          • Ok. So if I want a dusty look no varnish. If I’m just after a matt look just matt varnish. Cheers mate. I’m on eBay right now looking for more pigments.

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