Explorator Magos Tayschrex

Although Tayschrex is of the Biologis he shares a lot of traits with Explorator magi as he prefers to travel (often alone apart from his servitors) to distant Xenos planets looking for rare mutations or genetic abnormalities that could aid in the creation of biological weapons. He has a particular fascination with the various types of Eldar and as his experiments become more grotesque and his travels remove him from even the limited human contact the Adeptus Mechanicus employ he has become increasingly eccentric and distanced from humanity, replacing most parts of his flesh with machinery and viewing people and Xenos as little more than potential experiments. Replacing his legs with tracks was a practical decision requiring only a moments thought – tracks don’t get tired and provide a stable platform for his mobile surgeries. He no longer possess a larynx but can communicate audibly using a basic voice modulator that often malfunctions through lack of use. He no longer feels any sentimentality towards his flesh and rarely feels any emotion at all.

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