Mordheim Pit Fighter WIP

This is Adon, formerly a Knight of the Blue Whale but fallen on hard times. Surviving as a hedge knight, a hired hand and even a pit fighter, Adon has recently taken up the call of the Throne of Bones, with the promise of fame and fortune and steady work for those who can handle themselves in a fight and don’t mind wading through ghoul droppings.

He has a mace made from a Chaos knight spear, it has bindings all the way up the shaft which is quite unusual but I figure it’s a customisation he has made, he’s all about practical weapons and winning no matter the cost.

He’s a bit of an homage to Berserk (the single greatest anime/manga around), perhaps Bazuso would be a better name for him. Hmm, maybe I ought to make a Guts too – I’m pretty sure the dragonslayer would make short work of vampires.

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    • Yeah for sure, I’m not really a fan of topknots. But the helm looks a bit narrow at the top to me, I’m worried that if I remove the knot he would look a bit pointy-headed.

  1. Just recently got my hands on the Blightkings kit myself, absolutely beautiful models (if that can be said for the plague god’s followers). Your conversion of Adon has spurred me into attempting a similar conversion of a portly but strong mercenary type, the “heavy” accessory to my Song of Blades and Heroes warband (hope you don’t mind, your work is a huge inspiration to me as a converter). I was just curious as to how you managed to fill in all the poc marks and rusted holes in the armor, did you use liquid green stuff or was it a different method? I’ve been basically slathering the stuff onto my mini, then gently scraping away the excess once it dries to just leave behind the GS in the holes, but it isn’t working out quite as well as I wanted. Any tips on how to go about that?

    • I think it is better to use regular greenstuff. Mix up some that is quite soft and then smear it across the hole with a finger, it’s pretty quick and easy to do. Once dry you can use liquid gs to paint over it all and maybe sand it down a bit if needed. I actually tend to use liquid gs to add a bit of texture rather than to give a smooth finish but it can do both.

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