Mordheim Strigoi Vampire and Hyenas

The first finished vampire competing for the Throne of Bones. I tried a few new ‘techniques’ when painting him, the idea was to get a lot of texture on the model, because it is based on the plastic Savage Orc Big Boss – a kit that looks extremely cartoony, and has lots of soft edges. Strigoi are quite evocative, vampires that live like ghouls: buried in filth, utterly insane, but bigger and meaner than just about anything else in Warhammer. The Throne of Bones campaign will be based on the book of the same name (by Brian McNaughton) and I will elaborate on it further soon, but McNaughton’s ghouls are extremely disturbing (and sometimes quite funny). They are crude and crass, they taunt and more than anything else they love to laugh – cruel, mocking laughter. They inherit the personalities of the people they eat for a while, leaving them confused and crazed. And they are vile scavengers that live in graveyards. I thought wolves would be too noble a beast to accompany ghouls, but hyenas are just about perfect.

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  1. I just noticed that that you use round bases for all your Mordhiem minis, I started doing that a while ago as well. Theres something about round bases that makes a miniature feel, well,freer than on a square base.

    • I think round bases = skirmish really, there doesn’t seem any good reason to use square bases for Mordheim when you don’t need to rank models up. Although I was thinking that square bases might look better for dungeon crawling as they would match the paving slabs.

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