Mordheim Vampire Hunter

A brave soul has travel from across the Old World – from the fabled, misty island of  Old Zeelandia, near the Lost Isles of Elithis – to do battle with the vampires at the Throne of Bones. Two brave souls in fact: the infamous vampire hunting priest, Von Helsworn and his servant, Quintomme: whose faith is absolute though his mind is that of a child’s, and whose devotion to Sigmar appears to keep him safe from the nightmare perils of the vampire kind. Drawn by rumours of the vampire war, and the mysterious throne that the undead will fight tooth and nail to control, Von Helsworn – whose courage knows no limits – seeks an opportunity to defy the vampires by destroying the throne.

These models have been donated to the Throne of Bones by Quinn Menton from Pontifex and you can see many more images of them on his blog.

1 Comments on “Mordheim Vampire Hunter

  1. It’s great they arrived with out harm. From the photo it looks like Von Helsworn’s going to get munched long before he achieves his goals, surviving a mighty trip across yea Olde Worlde only to be struck down as soon as he arrives.
    I really enjoyed the background by the way, although Iv’e never seen myself as a vampire hunter’s servant before. Perhaps I’m in the wrong job, it might be more fun than being a student. ; p

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