Morrowloch, Necrarch Vampire

Morrowloch is a Necrarch, drawn like the others of his kind to the Throne of Bones. The Necrarchs prefer the company of the dead, and corpses are plentiful in the crypts and tombs. They find a dark corner or coffin to conceal themselves in and from there raise undead servants; reanimated corpses from centuries past, or freshly dead ghouls (for they can’t stand the incessant chattering of ghouls) and send them off into the darkness, looking through their eyes. These minions never tire, and the Necrarchs are a patient breed. One day perhaps, they will find that which they hunt for.


3 Comments on “Morrowloch, Necrarch Vampire

  1. I love what you’ve accomplished with this character. He is precisely what I envision when I think of Necrarchs. The perfect mix of Mad Scientist come Sorcerer. Well done! I’m thoroughly enjoying following this project.

    • Thanks, and sorry for deleting your comment before, it was lost when changing the site around. I think this guy is a cross between Nosferatu and the Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But I also love the idea of him curling up in a dark coffin and looking out through the eyes of his zombies, unmoving for years at a time

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