Champion of Slaanesh WIP

This is a champion of Slaanesh for Warhammer Fantasy rather than for the Ex Profundis 40k setting, but I suppose he could fit in either universe quite easily, after all the Rogue Trader era Chaos champions would often fit in both games. The armour needs a bit of smoothing out, something that is proving quite fiddly, but overall I am happy with the model. I’ve always had a soft spot for 40k models used in Fantasy and wanted to try it for myself.

The idea is that the cloak is made from gem stones, and the sword is a magical weapon that harvests the souls of daemons. There will be more background and story when the model is painted, but I don’t really see him being used for anything in particular. I do have some Mordheim miniatures on the workbench but I don’t think this chap will be getting his own warband.

1 Comments on “Champion of Slaanesh WIP

  1. Brilliant model. The outstretched arm looks a bit too long and deformed to me at this stage, though neither is really inappropriate for a champion of Chaos.

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