Murder Gholam

A gift from the Dark Mechanicus to the Slaaneshi Pirate Princes, this ‘Psychopath’ class Murder-Gholam is a masterpiece of the Biologis’ genetic art. Though it has no real intelligence or will of it’s own, the ornate face mask – fashioned to resemble a daemon – can be opened and a scroll or dataslate inscribed with simple instructions can be inserted. The gholam will run through the instructions in sequence, performing each task to the letter with feral tenacity and precision as the remains of it’s animal brain are directed by digital impulses. Once the instructions are completed the gholam becomes dormant again. The gholam is built for speed and grace and once it is set to purpose it will execute it’s mission with lethal intensity.

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  1. Really dig this model, I believe I might barrow a little bit of this idea for my wirewolves.

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