Mutants of Transcore Hive: Nxud, Ki, and Mack

Scaws of Transcore Hive

On the moon of Rhysia, a ruined forgeworld moon with grim secrets below it’s crust… mutants, known as scaws to the indigenous human population, stalk the ruins of the hives. Centuries of breeding in isolation, amongst the industrial waste has led to horrendous abominations. They have adopted a tribal society with the most hideous and powerful mutants as leaders, and survive by hunting the human survivors of the planet as well as lifeforms such as birds which migrate to the surface of the moon to roost.


Nxud is one of the older scaws. He is very skilled with his tentacle spike, and uses it as an ambush weapon… impaling his prey. His experience makes him an excellent scout, and it’s up to him to teach the younger mutants. He repeats himself a lot. He often mutters, ‘I teach em an’ I lose em’.




Ki is good in a fight due to his extra eyestalk and razor sharp claw. He is a little headstrong however, and has an overinflated opinion of himself… he is constantly correcting his brothers.  A little distrustful, he’s always watching his back with his extra eyestalk. If he doesn’t keep his mouth shut, he may have reasons to watch his back.



Mack is Ki’s little brother. Mack just likes to shout his name, ‘Mack!’, pound the earth with his swollen arm, and threaten to stab things. There’s not much more to him than that… but he does what he is told.


 Calb’s Dream- Part 2

….Calb was walking across a green ashsea. before him was a great cog, and black, square towers rose around. He walked the path, there was a flock of canterbirds perched on the great cog. A bird flew down on the path before him as he walked. He watched as another head popped up next to the first one. One head remained quiet, cocked to the side, and one began chirping at him as he came closer, angrily. He walked past and the bird flew away. He could hear its angry squawks echoing in the towers.

He walked under the arch formed by the cog. The black towers rose around him. The ground became smooth, the details of the rubble and architecture melting away. Smoother and smoother, until it was like glass. As he walked, he looked down at his own perfect reflection. Behind him, he could hear the birds… it sounded like voices… what were they saying? He looked down at the perfect rippling glass and felt peace, and warm…. he could no longer aware of anything else…

He opened his eyes and consciousness came back slowly.  As he adjusted to the light he rose and turned to look in the west, the bright star was rising. Profundis loomed bright overhead, her light washing everything in a pale blue, and tracing an arc in the sky as the moon rotated…


3 Comments on “Mutants of Transcore Hive: Nxud, Ki, and Mack

  1. One more time it is a success, the addition of other elements as feathers is a good idea and the rough depiction of certain materials is completed, tattoos are really well, I like!

  2. Oh yes! They have just the right mutie feeling, not just a rehash of chaosy bits but their own eclectic characters. I can just imagine how good they will look all together, loping out of an ash storm or the burnt shell of a hive slum.

  3. Incredibly characterful stuff – the addition of feathers on these and the two other Muties is an excellent, and inspirational, touch.

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