The Necropolis catacombs

My kickstarter from Itar’s Workshop arrived today. I think it’s about a year overdue and I was having a bit of buyer’s remorse – do I really need another giant project right now? But the components are really great, nice high quality casts in a lightweight brown resin that looks pretty good even before any detailing or paintwork. And I have two huge boxes full of it.

I plan to add a lot of detail and grunge to the tiles to make things a bit more interesting – at the moment they are too uniform and give the impression that the ghouls have been having a bit of a tidy. What I really need is a source of tiny bones, hundreds of them, and ideally in resin (unless there is some sort of easy way to recycle hamsters that I don’t know about).

Also if anyone has any advice on cleaning release agent or durable undercoat sprays, I’m all ears.

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