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We’ve had a bit of a hiatus at Ex Profundis recently, but we are back with some good news – Isaac (aka Weirdingway) has joined us. We will have a battle report featuring Isaac and Rob’s warbands in the near future, along with a full showcase of Isaac’s Navigators.

Here’s Isaac;

“I’m Isaac, aka Weirdingway. I’m a graphic designer in Chicago. I was really obsessed with WH40k all through high-school. I even had my own 40k/Necromunda website (called “The Nexus”) in the 90s, and even got some articles published in the Citadel Journal (rules for bikes in Necromunda and background for the Sons of Sanguinius, my home-brew space marine chapter).
I got back into the hobby about four years ago, and since then I’ve been building up a Navigator household. My goals with the Navigators have been to explore a relatively under-developed corner of the 40k mythos, and combine references to both the classic 40k aesthetic and basically everything else that I love. The project just keeps growing and I still have lots of ideas I look forward to sharing, both Navigator related and otherwise. I’ve been a fan of Ex Profundis for a long time and I’m thrilled to start contributing.”

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Open Submissions

If you would like to submit images to be featured on the site in a showcase gallery, the guidelines are now here. Please email or message me on Twitter if you have any questions. We are looking to showcase horror or alternative themes for Warhammer miniatures, and to raise awareness of darker or unique takes on Warhammer in general. As a general rule this means no Space Marines

Kingdom Death on eBay


If you would like to buy the Kingdom Death: Monster core game I painted recently, it is now on eBay – the auction ends this Sunday evening UK time. It seems like a great game, but it requires more of a time investment than I can give it.

5 Comments on “News from the depths

  1. Those are great news! Ex Profundis is the perfect home for Isaacs masterly bizarre creations!

  2. Another brilliant member! You seem to be building up quite the collection of talented hobbyists.
    I’ll be keeping a close eye out for his first post.

  3. Sounds intriguing – I’ve got some work I’d like to try and submit :-) But where would I direct me email to?

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