The Dreaming Root

Sylvaneth face Chaos Mutants in The Dreaming Root, an AoS28 battle created by Nicolas Grillet

Click the image above to launch the gallery. Please note this page uses large images and it might not be a good idea to view on a mobile device.

10 Comments on “The Dreaming Root

  1. Thank you again for showing my things on your crazy blog! I’m really honored!
    Thanks also Riot, WarbossKurgan and Warburton, i’m glad you enjoyed this!

  2. Absolutely insanely awesome.
    The strongest single compelling evidence for me to start playing AoS!

  3. Love the moody photography, really shows of the minis to great effect!
    Also, now I have another blog to check out!

  4. I only found this page recently and continue to be amazed. Keep up the superb content and thank you for sharing this!

  5. Wow, I saw this yesterday and blew my mind!! Congrats for the minis, scenery, fotography, … just everything.

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