Orlat Vor, The Cannibal Prince of Slaanesh

I finally painted Orlat Vor, something I had been dreading for ages but decided to do on the spur of the moment. I wanted to get on with some hobby and my Wood Elf army is on hold somewhat until I can decide what to do about bases!

I’m quite pleased with the cushions, the gold paint I used is a real metal which catches the light as you move the model, the effect is pretty cool. The throne is supposed to be ivory or bone or something similarly ostentatious, but in truth I just didn’t fancy adding many colours. I had previously intended to do Slaanesh with no purples or pinks, but they seemed so appropriate here.

3 Comments on “Orlat Vor, The Cannibal Prince of Slaanesh

  1. Great figure, and good paint job. I need to find a place to get some of those Slaanesh Icons.

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