Pit Slave Ash Waste Transporter WIP

This is a work-in-progress vehicle for my Pit Slave warband to help them get around in the ash wastes, it’s a recovery vehicle built around a Malcador hull. We’ll be playing a game next week using Inquisimunda rules (which allow for some easy modifications to include other Necromunda or Ash Waste elements). There is some great stuff happening with Inquisimunda at the moment, and it looks set for a new edition soon.

This vehicle is 100% scratch built, the only GW parts are a tank cupola and the barrels on the back. I acquired it in a half-finished state and have just had to do a few finishing touches and adding some Ramshackle parts. I am certainly not capable of building something like this from scratch myself.

We’ve not really been showing WIPs recently, and vehicles don’t exactly fit with the theme of the site, but it has quite a lot of character for a tank! Now I just have to get it painted before Friday, which I am not particularly excited about as I’d rather make more progress on my Stormhost Eternals.

3 Comments on “Pit Slave Ash Waste Transporter WIP

  1. I am impatient to see this vehicle in paint If the paint is as well as your figurines it is going to be cool. And I think that in the view of your realizations you are capable of making of the scratch built!

  2. Looking good! Shame it wasn’t ready for golden demon tanks! Lol

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