Pit Slaves in the Ash Wastes

The pit slave transporter tank – a modified Malcador – is now complete. The pit slaves have also temporarily stolen the tracked vehicle I made for a bounty hunter gang.


Vehicles are very quick to paint, this probably took about 5 hours (not including time spent swearing at the airbrush when it clogs). Lots of mess too with all the salt and pigments. ‘Quick and messy’ is pretty much how I roll when it comes to painting.


The pit slaves had an outing in the Ash Wastes the other day, for some of them it was quite a memorable event (and possibly the first time they had seen daylight in a while). Pitboss Kuno got some satisfaction out of headbutting a cocky Mechanicus magos to death, but ultimately the day ended in defeat when a lone gretchin stole the objective vehicle out from under everyone’s noses and made good his escape.


We used a combination of Ash Wastes, Necromunda and Inquisimunda rules for a four-way, vehicle-heavy battle. I lost most of my gang to an Acuitor assassin who eventually got car-jacked and ran over, and a giant, terror-causing scavvy beast ran riot for a while when its crew got repeatedly fragged. A lone servitor got run over no less than four times before the rampaging beast ate him. I made some of this scenery when I was 12.

13 Comments on “Pit Slaves in the Ash Wastes

  1. Any more pics? Because that looks awesome! Sounds like it was a great game, really need to get involved in some games like this myself!

    • No more pics sorry, the room we play all these games in doesn’t seem to be suitable for good photos. One day I will try and get all the Necromunda scenery photographed, and there will be some better battle reports soon on the site.

  2. Just curious as well, do you airbrush your models all the time? Love the effects that you’ve been achieving. If so what equipment have you been using if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Yes I airbrush all my models but usually just to do the basecoat. I like it as a time saving device, I don’t like models that look obviously airbrushed. I use an Iwata Neo which is a pretty decent bit of kit for beginners.

      • Totally agree with you about the whole airbrushed look, but think you’d know that if you saw my models lol. . . Any advice about compressors?

        • I think any with a moisture trap and a separate tank is fine, the main issue might be the noise they make, depending on your situation.

  3. Fantastic looking group of minis and the tank ties them all together! Great models.

  4. great to see these miniatures getting some table time!

    Now like everyone else I want to see a battle report.

  5. the group shot is great , that longhorn on the jallopy is brilliant.. the jade and kharki dust looks superb.. these guys have so much texture ..

    speaking of texture , is that a gaming mat in the bat rep.. if so the textures look spot on… look forward to seeing more of you bat reps mate..

    • It’s a Zuzzy mat, I think the company is out of business now, but they were a good product. I’ll hopefully get some more photos of it and some other scenery soon.

      Got to have texture! My next project should be up very soon.

  6. Did one of your convertions(Ruin)and love your spot color blue great inspiration!

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