Ruins of Forge World Aria

This epic scale (6mm) scenery is not finished, there’s lots of laborious painting still to go, but the effect was quite striking so I couldn’t resist a few photographs. Epic – specifically Space Marine and Titan Legions – has always been the GW game I remember the most fondly from my youth, titans that could fit on the board without looking ridiculous, transport vehicles that actually took you places, flying vehicles that had space to do more than hover – it was quite a different game from 40k. I sold most of my collection during the Dark Age of Clearing Out the Cupboard, but I’ve since bought back all the models I need (at twice the price, obviously) and plan to get some games in soon.

In one of these photos you may just be able to make out the cause of all the destruction, Forge World Aria never stood a chance.

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  1. Just stunning mate , really really evocative , captures that adaptus titanicus feeling perfectly. kinda reminds me of gears of war 3 the ruined city of jacinto

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