The Sin-Eater WIP

Orlat Vor, the self-styled Sin-Eater, The Cannibal Prince of Slaanesh. He is known as the Sin-Eater because he believes that by consuming the wicked he inherits their sins. The more evil the person he eats, the greater the power he gains and the more favour he gains in the eyes of the Prince of Pleasure. Slaanesh is the god of all excesses, and so Vor has adopted gluttony as his personal form of worship. He has eaten so much that he can no longer walk easily and so uses a mechanical palanquin to move, and his twin lightning claws are clumsy and slow weapons, used with brute force. Vor is immensely wealthy and will provide the resources of his fleet and armies to any cause or champion he deems the most corrupt or vile. Sooner or later, everyone that requires his services must pay, and his only price is flesh. The forces of Chaos in the Profundis sector are thought to be largely sponsored by Vor, and his flagship The Sardanapalian is frequently involved in the conflict, seemingly spurring on greater atrocities.

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