The Many Faces of the Vox Populii – Adeptus Mechanicus Warband

Deep down in the wasted foundations of Hive City Ib-26, homeland of the Many Faces of the Vox Populii, limping and steaming, almost human shapes stalk between the wreckage of conapt and silent holy places. Some lift, some push, the others cut; never stopping, never talking.

Fools say the Grubbers are looking for survivors of The Shiver, even so many centuries after the event. The Embittered talk about lost technologies their masters want to rediscover. Those who have lived long enough know that they are not looking for anything anymore, but just following their last order.



But once or twice a decade, something happens and they gather around a broken engine, a fallen bridge, or a long dead servo skull. And then comes a draped silhouette, surrounded by a cold mist full of clicking noises, and everyone hides. The mist gets thicker and thicker, the noises scrapes louder and louder. And when the mist disappears, the draped one is gone, and so are the Grubbers.

No one knows what happened in the rubble. No one knows where they went back, or why. But some time later, the Grubbers are in the streets again, like they were never gone. That’s just another kind of season down here.



This Adeptus Mechanicus warband was created by Nicholas Grillet, a Swiss freelance illustrator who says he is highly obsessed with the Warhammer imagery and curious about the way of life of the common citizens of the Imperium.

You can find more of his creations on his blog:

12 Comments on “The Many Faces of the Vox Populii – Adeptus Mechanicus Warband

  1. Wow Jake, these are awesome! So much character in these models, great fun trying to figure out how these models started out, keep up the great work!

  2. ling time admirer of Nicolas Grillet’s work .! these are no exception .. ! i particularly like his drawing and sculpture work..

    • Just checking you read that these aren’t by me! I’m sure Nicholas appreciates the comments though.

  3. Hi there!
    Thanks a lot for the kind words! And thanks again to Jake of showing my stuff on his site!
    I’ll try to be worth of your compliments!

  4. Amazing! I’ll be looking into more of Nicolas’ work. Very atmospheric! Thanks for the feature, Bruticus.

  5. Just read the story, first noticed the models, which are great! The story just adds to the mystique. . . Definitely someone to follow!

  6. Awesome work! I think my favs are the fantasy wizard conversion (i’ve been eyeing that as conversion fodder myself)… he’s very simple but the slight change of that hood and delicate line really makes it work! All these figs have nice subtle lines and I think it’s showing from your experience as an illustrator.

  7. Cela aurait été dommage de ne pas connaitre votre travail !!! Vraiment de belles figurines ! Bravo , et merci à Jake pour pour la diffusion de votre travail sur Ex Profundis.
    It would have it’s a pity been not to know your work!!! Really of beautiful figurines! Bravo, and thanks to Jake for for the distribution of your work on Ex Profundis.

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