The Queen of the Dead

Here are a few photos of Hela, Queen of the Dead. For each of my armies I am making the leader seated on a throne: for Hela I used a Kingdom Death figure and changed the head for a Dark Elf sorceress (Morathi) and used the arms from the Dark Elf Medusa model.

I used the same crown but changed the face for my version of her standing, again using a Kingdom Death body.

The longboat is made from a Necron Ark and has other parts added to it. The sails are the robes from the Nagash model. I wanted the boat to be black, like a floating shadow, but found the details weren’t showing up, so I did use some varnish to try to pick out different surfaces.

The idea for this model is that Hela sails across the skies after a battle claiming the dead as her own. If anyone has a Morathi head they don’t need, I’m happy to swap or buy! I ran out of them and had to use a different head for this version of Hela, it’s bugging me that it doesn’t match!

This is a fallen or captured angel that Hela keeps tormented for her own amusement. The model combines 2 Kingdom Death kits, the ammo slave and the mother figure. She is based on top of an orgy of writhing dead bodies, again to blacken her soul, surrounded by temptations.

The colour scheme for the army of the dead is monochrome, black and white, with some shades for more more depth. Went for this simple paint scheme because I’m lazy! And also i needed her army to stand apart from the army of the living.

The troll is actually a very complicated build, although it looks quite standard. I used the legs from the Slaughterbrute. The head was kindly donated by Jake. The arms are from the Maggoth kit and one from the Vermin Lord, but the body is made from loads of small bits left over from the various kits I was using. Cut and stuck roughly together to make a sort of body shape,then green stuff in the gaps and details, with beads for extra details.

I think the face has worked well on this model and has the fierce, scary look I want from my trolls. The colour has faded in the photograph, it looks bleached out, the model is actually quite green, with blue and brown washes.

The good thing about this project is that if I get bored or lose ideas for one of the armies, there is usually inspiration for another army that I can pick up on, It seems like I am just continuously making and painting models at the moment! Good times!

6 Comments on “The Queen of the Dead

  1. So cool! I love the boat and the Troll, and the pile of writhing corpses.

    I can imagine these being in a movie kind of like Gods of Egypt except a cool version.

  2. Those are wicked minis. I think the throne version of Hela is your best version although the ark is very nice. Since she’s not necessarily sitting, throne Hela could so work as a normal standing Hela since the sculpt is just so dynamic.

    Great work, thanks for posting!

  3. You’ve really hit these out of the park again Julian! No surprise there, always great to see your new creations mate!

  4. Thanks for the comments, always good to hear what people think, i’m a lone hobbyist so don’t get to share my models with anyone, so its great to get some feed back.

  5. This is amazing stuff mate. The crown of the collection is the tormented fallen angel. That massive pile of corpses is amazing.

    Where did you get it? Is is a composite or something you could buy? Serious shiny syndrome on that. You inspire us all with these amazing creations.

    • Thanks for the great comments, much appreciated. The base is from Greebo miniatures, ‘lucrezia borgias’, i added a few bits and pieces, extra details and bodies, but it’s a great starting piece! Got it off ebay. Good luck!

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