My favourite army has always been Warhammer Chaos. Last few years been making barbarian/Norse type warriors. Running out of ideas i decided to create a Thor themed Warhammer army, which just seemed like the next step for my models.
I tried to create the gods of Norse mythology in warrior form, I also love Marvel stuff and used characters from there as well. All the main characters have been made and painted now, this includes four versions of Thor! I think my favourite model is Odin seated on a throne.








Heimdal, Volstagg and Valkyrie

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  1. Thor with the lightning hammer is incredible, but just love Heimdal too. We were discussing comic book poses and dynamism, I think Julian gets the best poses out of his models, really impressive.

    • Thanks Jake, and thanks for posting the pics on your website!

  2. Now these are absolutely breathtaking! The best part is how firmly the Norse mythology is in place without feeling like a cheap shout out: These guys are still 100% believable in spite of the real world influence — or rather, because of it. Probably the best Chaos Marauder models I have seen so far, save for your older warband that is just as awesome. Fantastic work!

    • Thank you, so pleased you like them. I have about 50 models for this army now including 2 Loki models a frost giant and taken inspiration from the movie i made a Destroyer model lol! Thanks again for your comments.

      • Haha, cheers! Your WFB chaos models always make me want to go back to Fantasy and start a heavily Marauder-based chaos army ;)

        • A break from 40K wouldn’t hurt! Lol.
          Swap the guns for axes and swords!

  3. May I have to tell you more than yesterday mate? Those are just well…. awesome…. Check your mail on the next days, I’ve start something…

  4. An exceptional, magnificent continuation to your Chaos marauder warband ! Bravos

  5. great models again, i had trouble placing the bits for most of them.. the thor models are superb – as jake says really dynamic – but odin is my fave out of the norse chaps.. really imposing model.. the dread fleet stuff wad unexpected when i first saw the wips.. the watercolour effect really suits the underwater vibe you get from these salty seafarers – the ships mast wooden models are inspired..

    • Thanks for your comments Neil. All the parts are GW or green stuff, glad i caught you out with some of the bits though!
      Glad you like the watercolour effect on the pirates, was an experiment really, trying to find the easiest and quickest way to paint models so that i can spend more time making them! Lol. The figure head models are my favourites too, they are the only ones i didn’t source from the dreadfleet book.

      • The figure heads are a brilliantly original idea.. and i am in the same boar regarding building to painting ratio..

  6. Hi Mate, thanks for the great comment. I have no unpainted pics of these, but i will be posting some unpainted frost giant conversions on my blog page that i share with some friends, the new realms of chaos. Check out some of our stuff and more of my norse themed army! Currently working on a troll army!

  7. Hi, I’m building a Barbarian Horde (approx 300 fantasy barbarians) and REALLY like your work!!!! May I ask what paint you used please. Keep up the good work!

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