Thralls of Tekslav Forge

9 Comments on “Thralls of Tekslav Forge

  1. What a hell ! Absolutely fantastic. Il like all your work man, great and inspired. Hope we ll communicate our same passion of the Darkness into the Darkness :)

    • Thanks Fufu! I appreciate and am inspired by your work as well. I hope this blog can help communicate and collaborate with other artists, that’s what it’s all about!

  2. That is amazing! Absolutly outstanding! but what is this Kind of Model called? Or are They Custom made?

  3. those are mantic zombies and ghouls, converted of course

  4. Thanks bud, the zombies are basically mantic ghouls + green stuff tentacle on the mouth + greenstuff hood + techy bits on the back. And a few little copper wires here and there.

  5. Not sure if you still read these, but where do the mechanic claw hands come from?
    Also, you’re an inspiration for sure!

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