Witch Engine of House Tekslav

Machine intelligence is repugnant enough to those who fathom the concept. But what those Heretics have done is more vile… to graft the unsanctified witch to a machine, and release the agony that reaches beyond death and into our deepest nightmares…

I have the felt the touch of that mind. It is an infinite scream of pain and sorrow, weaponised and artificially extended in the mortal realm. For an untrained mind, to hear that cry… not with your ears but with your soul… is a fate worse than death. In the wake of it’s passing those poor souls lie in their thousands, their souls ripped from their bodies as simply as a flower being plucked.

-Inquisitor Xodde, Ordo Hereticus

13 Comments on “Witch Engine of House Tekslav

  1. Mate, first of all: It’s so good to see you back in business! :)

    The model is absolutely stunning! There’s nobody who can do (Dark) Mechanicus body horror quite the way you can — absolutely amazing!

    How did you create the liquid inside the tank? Is it actual liquid? Or hardened water effect or something of the like? Just out of interest.

    Again, gorgeous, brilliantly horrible stuff! :)

    • Thanks Kraut! Yeah I’m back in business.

      The liquid is clear resin, like the kind you can get at the craft store with a tint from red ink. The hardest part was breaking up the little glass bottle I was working with so the whole thing didn’t crack (i went through three of them until i got it right). I didn’t mean for there to be bubbles inside either but we’ll just call that a happy accident for now :)

  2. I’ve just stumbled unwittingly onto your blog. I can see I’ll need a few evenings to digest even part of this Pandora’s box. Wonderful, inspiring stuff!

  3. Holy mother of Nurgle how did you make this what were the kits that you used? How did you do the tank in particular?

    • I guess my real question is what did you use for the being on the inside?

      • Thanks! The inside was a lot of sculpting, mostly the third eye, and i mixed around a few different kits (my memory is starting to fail). I used a glass tube (you might be able to find something similar in the jewelry section of an art store, then create whatever character you want inside (be sure to use lots of wires and tubes), paint it, then fill that with clear or colored resin (that you can also probably find in an art store). I colored mine red. Hope that helps.

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