Wood Elf Dryad Illustration

I have a bit of a confession to make: I was waiting for the recent Wood Elf release with baited breath. I think there is a lot of potential for darker Wood Elves, and I was itching to start putting together my first real army, with regiments and heroes and those cheery guys with the flags. But unfortunately, although I was really only hoping for one or two bits I could use rather than expecting to be able to make use of entire kits, I was still disappointed. I quite like the Miyazaki-esque stag riders but the overall aesthetic was far too High Elfish for me, and even the treeman was a let down, looking like a sprightly salad monster rather than an ancient living oak. I decided to put the project on a back burner for a bit.

I did this illustration of a Wood Elf Dryad (in seduce mode) as a sort of mood board for my army and I thought I’d stick it here.


2 Comments on “Wood Elf Dryad Illustration

  1. What an amazing painting of a dryad. Beautiful!Your vision of the darker wood elves is 1 i share myself. Also equally disappointed with the new releases. Some of GW later releases look quite toyish. Still leaves plenty of room for us convertors and creators! Lol

    • Thanks Julian. I’ve got a whole bunch of conversions planned out for darker, swampy Wood Elves, I hope to get around to them one day soon. Your wardancers are much more like the sort of Wood Elves I like: half naked, feral, tattooed and quite sinister.

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